Thursday 17th March @ Stonebridge

Ignite Team Chase the Ace Challenge

The Ignite team are attempting to make a Hole in One , the players will attempt to hole out to win someone a cash prize whilst raising money for the Captain’s Charity.

Pick your Player

Choose who you would like to nominate to hit your shot(s). See below for the lowdown on them all!

The number of times each player gets sponsored will dictate the number of shots they get on the day. To enter just click select options...

Shot Allocation

Everyone that sponsors a shot will be randomly allocated a shot before the event.

On the Day

Thursday the 17th March the players will hit the number of shots that they have been sponsored for.

The Prize

If your player makes a hole in one on your allocated shot then you will win 2 thirds of the cash raised by that player!

Should they not get a hole in one then all the money goes to charity.

Meet the Players

Hannah Crump, PGA Professional

PGA Midlands Coach of the Year, shortlisted for 2 England Golf Awards….but can she win this??


Aaron Lansberry, PGA Professional

Junior specialist Coach, plays at Stonebridge ALOT and has even just got some shiny new clubs….

David Atkins, PGA Professional

Newest addition to the team, but without a shadow of a doubt the best player, having turned Professional off a +4 handicap. But will he get lucky on the day?

Kirsty Wise, Definitely NOT a PGA Professional

Runs everything behind the scenes, has only been playing for a few years but you have to be in it to win it….absolute Wildcard entry 😉