Ignite Golf Juniors – On Course Events 3rd July

The 4th Ignite Golf Junior league event of the year at Stonebridge Golf Club. As usual there is a category for every age and experience of junior golfer.

This includes:

  • 18 Hole League – for Stonebridge junior members with handicaps less than 25 who are able to play 18 holes off the full length course
  • 9 Hole League – for Stonebridge junior members with a handicap who are able to play 9 full length holes
  • 8 Hole Stableford – for juniors that are able to play 9 holes off the short tees.
  • 4 hole Bingo – for the youngest juniors (4-8 years) with minimal golf course experience.

9 Hole League

This week it was very close, with the top 5 only being 2 points apart, so we had to go to countback! In this format the juniors play 9 holes, using stableford scoring, official WHS handicaps, official golf rules and playing off the red tees for the girls and the yellow tees for the boys. 

1st – Charlie Christopher

2nd – William Walkden

3rd – Ruby Litwinko-Smith

The leaderboard for the year so far is below, each event they are awarded points for where they place in the following breakdown: 25, 22, 20, 18,16, 14, 12, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4. The top 3 receive credit on their Midlands Golf cards to spend in the Pro shop and the top 2 receive medals!

9 Hole Junior League

1William Walkden87
2Charlie Christopher83
3Ben Suart80
4Grace Walkden74
5Joshua Durk60
6Izzy Toon46
7Ruby Litwinko-Smith44
8Reggie Bennett24
9Jake Kerrighan22
10Blake Bath8

8 Hole Stableford

This format acts as a stepping stone towards the 9 hole league. The junior golfers play relaxed golf rules off shortened golf holes. They have the opportunity to play 9 holes however the 5th hole acts as a break hole, where there is no scoring. If they like they can just walk it, run it or skip down the hole, but they are more than welcome to play it just without scoring. Basically it gives them a chance to relax!

Congratulations to the top 3 this week! 

1st – Ashley Sturridge-Packer

2nd – George Bond

3rd – Leighton Gamble

The leaderboard for the year so far is below, each event they are awarded points for where they place in the following breakdown: 25, 22, 20, 18,16, 14, 12, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4. The top 3 receive medals!

8 Hole Junior Stableford

1George Bond66
2Ashley Sturridge-Packer61
3Jenson Parsons57
4Elliott Challis-Brown42
5Cole Saunders36
6Jimmy Murray35
7Luke Boyle34
8Lola Parsons27
T9Xander Billington25
T9Ollie Craine25
11Jessica Davies22
T12Leighton Gamble20
T12Jacob Davies20
T12Benji Tabari20
T12Oliver Warden20
16Samuel Robbins18
T17Alex Kendall16
T17Andre Albarel16
19Luke Betts12
20Eve Hemus11
T21Cameron Thompson10
T21Toby Makepeace10
23William Rooker9
T24Eliza Elahi8
T24Kylan Gibbs-Moore8
T24Harry Elsmore8
T24Haydn Ruddock8
T28Harvey Parkes7
T28Billy Mcleod7
T30Rhys Davies6
T30Louis Johnson6
T32George Hoey5
T32Henry Cosgrove5
T34Adam Cheale4
T34Charlie Moore4
T34Erin Thompson4
T34Parker Harbon4
T34Rohan Sethi4
T34Max Horley4

Golf Bingo

For the youngest juniors, they play a fun format of golfwe call Golf Bingo. No proper scoring, but they are given a Bingo card with a variety of tasks to complete, here are a few examples:

– Lined up a putt

– Hit the ball out the rough

– Chipped over a bunker

– Made your caddy laugh

The idea is to just get the children playing and having fun out on the golf course and we always give them some small prizes at the end. At this age and stage of their development we don’t want them to be stressing about rules, competition etc but just enjoying themselves and having a good time on the golf course. 

Thank you!

A big thank you to everyone that got involved on the day, it is always great to see lots of juniors enjoying the golf course and was especially great to see lots of new juniors playing!

We’d love to hear how you found it just drop a comment below!

The next event will be on the 17th July, which will be available to book online soon.

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  1. The events are always very well organised and suitable for all abilities. Would highly recommend to any junior golfer.

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