Activities on the golf course

Short Course Series

4 & 5 Hole Competitions

A great start place for getting children playing out on the golf course. Relaxed rules, shortened holes and generally a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! 

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Short Course Series+

9 Hole Competition

For children who are 10 years or older, the SCS+ is the next step. Events and competitions taking place over 9 holes from either forward for full tees. Rules are still simplified and the events are relaxed for children to enjoy. 

A League

18 Hole Competitions

For juniors who are ready and want to play a full 18 holes from full tees with official handicaps (up to 54). These competitions are perfect for those looking for the full golf experience and a true test. 

Holiday Day Camps

During the school holidays we run holiday day camps, which involve a morning of fun and games on the practice areas, followed by an afternoon playing out on the golf course!

On Course Playing Lessons

Informal on course lessons with Aaron or Hannah. They’re available for children of all ages and experiences. Less experienced children will love being on the course, in the bunkers and under trees. Whilst more experienced players will love learning how to lower their scores in our events.