Chase the Ace


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On 17th of March the Ignite Team Dave Atkins, Aaron Lansberry, Hannah Crump and Kirsty Wise are attempting to make a Hole in One on the 2nd hole on the Hampton Course. The players will attempt to hole out to win someone a cash prize whilst raising money for the Captain’s Charity.

You can choose your player and sponsor as many shots as you’d like for £1 a shot. However many shots each player get sponsored for is how many they will hit, e.g. Dave was sponsored for £134, he hits 134 shots. You will be randomly allocated a shot before the event. If your player makes a hole in one on that shot then you win 2/3’s of the cash raised by that player. Should your player not get a hole in one, then all the money will go to the charity.

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Chase the Ace

Aaron Lansberry, Dave Atkins, Hannah Crump, Kirsty Wise


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