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Come join us at Stonebridge Golf Club and discover golf Learn Golf Make Friends Have Fun!

Will I meet other women?

Yes, the best part of learning Golf is the friendships and bonds created from these groups.

Is Golf good for me?

Yes, walking, full body movement and a great intake of vitamin D, Golf is an unbelievably good sport for both body and mind.

Is Golf fun?

YES, we will get you to LOVE golf before you learn it.

Am I too young or old?

No, Golf is for everyone and we pride ourselves in the diversity in the groups of women we have here at Ignite Golf.

Do I need to have played before?

No, EVERYONE is welcome to join our Women’s programs, even with zero Golf experience

Do I need to know a lot about Golf?

No, that’s our job to introduce you to this great game.

Do I need to have someone in my family that plays?

No, we will make you the star golfer.

Do I need my own clubs?

No, we will have all the equipment you need for your lesson. 

Are your clubs Sanitised before and after lessons?

Yes, during the times of Covid 19 extra precautions of sanitising products have been adopted. 

If I have my own clubs, can I bring them?

Yes, if you do have your own equipment please feel free to bring them along.

Do I need to go and spend lots of money on Golf clothes?

No, we suggest you wear ‘sport’ like attire including trainers just for your own comfort.

Do I need to wear Golf shoes?

No, once you have fallen in love with Golf you can then spend time deciding on all your great new purchases

Will I know where to go?

Yes, we understand the fear that can come with learning a new sport in a new environment so Hannah will always be there to greet you.

Will I be welcomed?

Yes, here at Ignite Golf we pride ourselves in the relaxed informative atmosphere we create for our ladies.

Meet Hannah

PGA Professional Golf Coach

Hannah’s on a mission to break down perceived stereotypes within the golf world and wants to show everyone just how accessible golf can be. Her enthusiasm and passion for the game is shared in an exciting and knowledgeable coaching manner and always with the aim of having a fun time!

What's Included

Weekly Group Lessons

Fun, relaxed, sociable way to be introduced to Golf.

Fortnightly Short Course Events

3, 6 or 9 holes to give you a great taste of life on the course.

Practice Sessions

Weekly organised practice sessions where you can practice what you’ve learnt and socialise with other women.

“Hannah’s relaxed and easy going nature works perfectly when trying to master golf”


The Golfer's Package

£ 55
per month
  • Weekly Group Lessons
  • Fortnightly on course events*
  • Organised non assisted weekly practice sessions with like minded women*
  • Priority booking for special events

*Does not include green fees or range balls

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