Short Course Events

Women’s Short Course Events

  • For women in Hannah Crump’s Ignite Golf Women’s Coaching
  • 4 holes played (dependent on experience) on the Somers Course at Stonebridge Golf Club, using relaxed rules and shortened holes so its suitable for new golfers! 
  • Next event: Thursday 27th May from 6pm 
  • To enter fill out the form below, entries MUST be received by Tuesday 25th May.   
  • There will be a green fee of £8 to be paid on the day to the golf club
  • The cost of the event organisation is included in the monthly group coaching fees.

Women’s Short Course Entry Form

Event Date: Thursday 27th May 2021 from 6pm
Location: Stonebridge Golf Club (Somers)
Please complete this form to enter into the event, exact tee times will be emailed out on Wednesday 26th May.