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121 Performance Specialist

Oli Foster

Adult 121 Coaching
Junior Golf


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My true passion is enhancing the performance of golfers at any age or ability. I have a focus on delivering improvements on all aspects of the game, such as – technique, the mental approach, course management & strategy, supported by efficient drills and skills tests. This will ensure we can take your game to the next level. 
121 sessions are a great way of setting out a detailed plan on developing weaknesses into strengths. We can discuss targets and goals, both short and long term, and take strategic steps towards achieving the golf you’ve always wanted to play. Through the use of video analysis, training aids, launch monitor data and post lesson reports, this will make the learning process very easy to understand.
Women's Golf Specialist

Hannah Crump

Women's Group Coaching
121 Adult Coaching
Junior Golf



Women’s Golf

My passion is to grow the ladies game and make golf an attractive sport to women of all ages. To do this I want to get ladies to fall in love with golf before they learn it. I introduce ladies to golf in a fun, relaxed, informative way that keeps them wanting more. I aim to have the majority of our groups sessions out on the course where the ladies can learn the game in it’s true environment.

121 Adult Coaching

Seeing people improve their golf has always been the best part of my job. I offer informative coaching in a simplified way. I do this through the use of training aids and video. My goal in every 121 lesson is to allow you to walk away with transferable skills you can easily introduce in your own time.

121 Performance Specialist

Oli Leett

Putting Lessons


07854 159885

Putting Lessons
We help dedicated golfers of all abilities putt like a pro with good concepts and easy to use drills.
I have been a Pga professional for 11 years and specialised in coaching putting for 8 of those years.During this time I have been fortunate enough to work with all level of golfers from beginners to European Tour winners but my real passion is helping dedicated golfers who have a strong desire to improve.
I’m proud to be the only AimPoint Level 3 instructor in the UK; As well as Aimpoint sessions I will offer a range of services, including SAM Putt Lab and Capto analysis, and group coaching sessions at Stonebridge.

It’s going to be awesome; an experience like no other.

Junior Golf Specialist

Aaron Lansberry

Junior Golf Group Coaching
121 Adult & Junior Coaching



Junior Golf
My real passion. I have been coaching children for all of my career. I love to see juniors become as passionate about golf as me. I have a modern coaching style for children to make sessions thoroughly enjoyable, truly engaging & great for learning new skills. I want to help your son/daughter learn vital life skills, find a new passion and play loads of golf! 

121 Coaching…
If you’re looking for simple effective golf lessons, I’m here to help! I want to build long term coaching relationships with my 121 customers. Helping players grow and not just a quick fix! I love figuring out where the biggest improvements can be made with the smallest adjustments. And I use scientifically proven skill acquisition coaching techniques which make learning new skills exceptionally simple.  

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