Golf Lessons for Children

Has your child had a go at golf at school and keen to have another go?

Come along, this time with REAL golf balls and REAL golf clubs at a REAL golf course..

About Us

We run golf lessons and golf experiences for children. Lead by award winning PGA Professional Aaron Lansberry who is passionate about introducing children to the game whilst making it a fun and positive learning environment. 

We are based at Stonebridge Golf Club in Meriden and have fantastic practice facilities that allow us to continue golf lessons throughout the year!

Why Choose Golf?

Get Outside

One of the joys of golf is being outside, surrounded by nature! Being in nature has a positive impact on both mental and physical health for us all!

Life Skills

Golf success requires honesty, focus, precision, accuracy, patience and good sportsmanship. Children can develop a sense of self-confidence and gain important life skills, such as problem-solving, decision-making, and perseverance.

Learn Golf

With the right guidance, children can develop a lifelong love for the game of golf and the many benefits it has to offer. Golf is a game that can be enjoyed throughout their life with family and friends of all ages!

Make Friends

Even though it's often seen as an individual sport, it's actually very social and a great way to connect with others. Our golf lessons and activities also offer different formats such as team games that promote teamwork and bonding. So come join us and let's make some new friends while enjoying the beautiful game of golf together!

How to Get Involved?

Summer is the best time to experience golf, so why not get started, we have a range of options below...

Summer Taster Sessions

Come along for one of our free one hour taster sessions. 16th August & 22nd August To book your spot just click on the image above.

Summer Day Camps

A day of fun. Golf games on the driving range and putting green in the morning followed by an afternoon out on the golf course! 15th, 22nd & 29th August.

To book your spot just click on the image above.

Summer On Course Lessons

Experience the golf course, play a few holes with coach Aaron and up to 3 other children! Recommend the 4 hole playing lesson for those just starting out.

To book your spot just click on the image above.

Girls golf friends

Regular Group Coaching

If you are interested in getting started in regular group lessons then click on the above image and fill out the form. Or send an email to

Book your summer holiday activities here...