The summer holidays brings a break from our regular weekly group junior lessons as so many people go off on their holidays. 

However we still have lots going on for those of you that aren’t away.

Open to all junior golfers, whether or not you are a part of our regular group coaching.

Junior lesson group listening.JPG

Group playing lessons are a fantastic opportunity to get your children playing out on the golf course, improve their golf and make some friends along the way.

We have three options to suit all abilities. Aaron will adapt the lesson to suit the ability. From giving the newer/younger juniors a fun and positive experience out on the course all the way through to course management and positive mindset for the juniors with handicaps. 

4 hole – suitable for all ages, but best for the younger juniors (5-8) who haven’t had much course experience outside of lessons.

6 hole – suitable for children aged 8-13 years that have had course experience but haven’t yet got a handicap.

9 hole – suitable for all juniors with a handicap.

Dates available: 

16th August (9 hole)

23rd August (4 hole)

24th August (6 hole)

30th August (4, 6 & 9 hole)

The cost varies depending on the length! Very limited spaces available.

Girls golf sitting bench

Suitable for all juniors up to the age of 14. They will spend the morning on the driving range and practice greens playing a variety of games to improve their golf and then after a break for lunch we will take them out on the golf course for the afternoon. 


The full cost is £40 per child.

Cost includes the golf course green fee and driving range balls but doesn’t include lunch. 

This is great value considering the green fee and range balls alone would cost at least £20.


Dates available: 

15th August

22nd August

29th August


We will be hosting a FREE 1 hour lesson on Wednesday 30th August 12-1pm. All we ask is that you bring along at least one friend that hasn’t come along to our lessons before. Golf is a great sport for enjoying together so why not introduce your friends to it! 

To book on simply book yourself on (free of charge) and we will contact you to see who you are bringing.